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The 2020 LinkedIn Global Opportunity Index

You’ll notice, the United States is ranked at Number 8 (scoring 104) out of a Scale of 100. Not bad for a test grade! (Assuming 100 = 100%.) I found this 20 page PDF report a fascinating read.

Among the Top Result: Indonesia, China, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Mexico and Brazil. It truly warms my hearth than India is ranked at Number 1. Go India! 🙌

“The United States and Canada Leans Towards Cautious Optimism.”

This quote is, by definition, An Idiom. Or, An Expression. In short, It’s equitable to saying it’s raining cats and dogs or See The Light. 🎭

The Report, released by GfK Consulting Firm, includes 7 measures² of Opportunity, with 2 Major Perceptions to consider when reviewing this Report / Data.(Note: GfK is an information technology and services firm based in Nuremberg, Germany.)

Breakdown of the 30,000 respondents in the Report:

  1. Baby Boomers: Born 1946 – 1964

  2. Gen X: Born 1965 – 1980

  3. Millennials: Born 1981 – 1996

  4. Gen Z: Born 1997 and later.

First, the Perception on Socio-Economic and Lifestyle Factors

  1. Outlook on Economy over the next 12 months.✅

  2. Outlook on Personal Financial Situation over the next 12 months.✅

  3. Quality of Life (Happiness)✅

  4. Quality of Life (Compared to Parents)✅

My key take-away is that Young People are the Future of Our Generation, and Age Discrimination is the biggest deterrent to achieving their success. As The Report notes, “Stronger, more Diverse professional networks boost overall confidence, but few are actively Networking.” In the report, to there was approximately 30,000 respondents, aged 18 to 65, across various life stages and household income groups.

Second, the Perception on Opportunity

  1. Availability of In-Market Opportunities✅

  2. Assessment on Accessibility of Opportunity✅

  3. Confidence in Achieving Success✅ ( Statistically, we call this the ‘Confidence Level’ or the Failing to Reject the Null Hypothesis aka ‘The Norm’)

Here, Context Matters. BIG TIME. As of today, Thursday, March 5, 2020, the most pressing Global Concern on the Planet is Climate Change. The second? Good Health is key to a good quality of Life. I like to look at good Health as Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs³ Or, 1. Self-Actualization at the Top, then 2. Self-Esteem to follow, With 3. Love/Belonging in the Middle, Followed by 4. Safety and grounded at the base: 5. Physiological.

See below for a look at the Pyramid created by Abraham Maslow in a 1943 Paper titled A Theory of Human Motivation.”

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The Goal in Maslow’s Theory is to Attain The Fifth Level or Highest Stage: Self-Actualization.

Hope you enjoyed the results! See below for references.



²Page 19 of 20 on the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2020.


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