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How to Write a Post on LinkedIn

After a deep Online Search/Audit via Google, the only material I could find on how to write a solid LinkedIn post was from a website called “Okdork“. With that being said, I found some pretty neat stuff on the LinkedIn algorithm and a couple great graphics from Joshua Boyd via Brandwatch. In his article, Joshua referenced a source from LinkedIn’s very own Director of Engineering Rushi Bhatt, of which lead me to the following graphic. (See below)

(The LinkedIn spam-fighting strategy) 👇👇👇

Clear as mud? Not really. (Note: The acronym TnS pertains to the Trust and Safety Organization.) Let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

At post/content creation: LinkedIn’s online + nearline classifiers label every image, text, or long form post as “spam”, “low-quality”, or “clear” in near real-time. Then, Support Vector Machine-based linear text classifiers classify content synchronously, with a latency of 200 ms. As a post gathers an audience, LI continuously predicts and tracks whether a re-share is likely to go viral, while monitoring network reach of the Original Poster (OP), member interactions, and temporal signals like the velocity of likes, shares and comments. ✅

Pretty neat stuff going on in this second graphic! I won’t bore you with the details. The last picture (noted below) is an interesting theory brought up by Joshua Boyd, interestingly noting in his research a direct correlation between post success and Readability level / Category. In other words, If we were to draw a conclusion from the Flesch Reading Ease Formula, then the best text should contain shorter sentences and words. I digress!

As such, here are a few very sensible and practical LinkedIn pointers, Tips/Tricks & Best Practices to Getting Started with posting on this incredible Platform. A Guide to LinkedIn 101 “For Dummies” on how to create Original Content.

Step 1:

  1. Write out 3-4 long-form posts. (+500-750 characters)

  2. Pick out 2 that resonate. Save the other 2 for a different day.

  3. Email both revised posts to yourself the day/night before you want to publish.

  4. The next day, Edit/Trim your post, smooth off the rough edges. Publish! ✅

  5. Note: Try to avoid typos speak (or write) in a neutral tone. Keep it clean, keep it real, and keep it authentic!

  6. Note 2: Publish your post at a reasonable, consistent time each day. My sweet-spot is ~7:00-8:00 am PDT (Pacific/Los Angeles). No pressure, do what feels right for your target audience!

Follow Up:

  1. 1 Hour after posting, then start to re-engage. Literally, like/comment and discuss/ask questions, and Follow Up with your Engagement.

  2. Wait ~3 hours. Rinse, wash and repeat the above steps.

  3. After 8 Hours, rinse, wash and repeat again.

  4. After 24 Hours (or on Day 2) wrap-up any loose-end comments.

  5. Note: Be genuine. Be real. Be nice. Be open to thoughts/ideas!

What to Avoid:

  1. Copying another members post

  2. Reacting negatively to a counterpoint

  3. Engaging with negative feedback

Hope you enjoyed! Happy, Happy Growing! 🙌🌱


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