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Go Beyond. Go LinkedIn.

I’ve had some recent success on LinkedIn, marketing my brand and serving others. As such, I’ve decided to share my story with my connections/network. LinkedIn has give me tremendous opportunity to network. To say the very least, this platform is = 🔥 right now.

I give much credit to the help of BleWMinds Consulting – Believe . Be . Beyond and their incredible Storyteller/Leader – Sandeep Kochhar. He inspired me to make a post, and I wouldn’t have even thought to write this article without the help of him and his amazing people/network. He truly is the “Failure Ant” that never gives up! Cheers, my friend.

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On LinkedIn, I’m very well connected to my industry, and respective industry groups. Here, I’m able to post daily/weekly updates, status with my colleagues, co-workers and friends throughout the day. Even more so, I’m able to meet people from all over the U.S., and even globally, too! 🌐 About a week ago, I created a post/status that managed to reach all the way over to India.

Specifically, the graph above shows my ‘viral’ #DOTS post that somehow managed to make it’s way all the way to a place in India I have never heard of: Bengaluru Area, India. In India, I had 892 views in Bengaluru Area, 594 views in New Delhi Area, 593 views in Mumbai Area, and 330 views in Gurgaon, India. In total, my post hit approx. 10,000 views or computer screens/human eyes 👀.

In even more detail, Tata Consulting Services showed approx. 58 views, Cognizant approx. 57 views, EY approx. 46 views, Accenture approx. 34 views, IBM approx. 27 views. Does this mean I showed up on their Company pages? Or perhaps through “word-of-mouth” my post was also re-shared, liked, etc., etc?

Below, you’ll find the main Job Types that were included:

  1. 419 Software Developers

  2. 373 Salespersons

  3. 197 Consultants

  4. 178 Engineers

  5. 141 Students

  6. 131 Project Managers

  7. 126 Human Resources Specialists

  8. 117 Technology Managers

Most interestingly, the Salespersons have been great to connect with on the LinkedIn platform. Specifically, they have been able to teach me new ideas that really gets my creative juices flowing, with tactics on how to pursue a potential lead or connection. As such, I’ve decided to also dive deep down into the roots of LinkedIn, LinkedIn Help, and the Guides to Networking on this incredible Social Media networking platform.

Lastly, I will end with this: anyone and everyone can publish work or write an article on LinkedIn. I am no LinkedIn Expert, and I’m not entirely sure I know how to use my network 100% effectively or to it’s maximum outreach potential. So, to anyone whom reads this piece – THANK YOU! You, my friend, are the real MVP.

Until next time, yours nobly – Ryan N. Ceccarelli.

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